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Nosey Neighbour Gets More Than Bargained For

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My nearest neighbour is three fields away, lucky you I hear you say! I'd go as far as to say we have no neighbours and sometimes it's a good job that we don't -- imagine living next door to a menagerie and a self styled DIY-er; I shudder at the thought and we happen to be the perpetrators.


Well considering that our neighbours are three fields away due south it's not surprising that we hardly know anything about them. We've got as far as their name and would recognise them if we happened to meet but that's about as far as it goes. I nearly crashed my car this morning when I saw a huge "For Sale" sign in the field as I passed. Not only is the house for sale but the land too and stating that it is potential building land. YIKES! My land lies directly besides theirs and is far bigger and dare I say more picturesque! I raced to the college in order to get back quickly to see if I was mistaken -- I'm not!


Now I'm not a Hooray Henry type conservationist but this is a sad day. It's not the fact that I shall have neighbours closing in on me, they'll still be three fields away, but it's another chunk of rural England being ripped up. My hubby's eyes lit up with pound notes when I told him the news, the fact that our land is now considered more of the same and eligible for development, got him making plans in his head far removed from roses round the door!


No doubt there will be much controversy and I for one will object -- my hubby will be well on the other side of the fence; the fact that he keeps muttering millions, is scaring me! I thought he was going to hand his resignation in at work the way he predicted the future at lunchtime, and when my daughter realises what it could mean for us, she'll have her coat on already, dreaming of shopping and fast cars!


I did a really sneaky trick, well you would if you were me I'm sure? I rang the estate agent and asked for a price, pretending I was a potential buyer. I'll stop the blog right here because my action as proverbial nosy neighbour has shook me to my boots. My head is buzzing and the likeliness to join my hubby over the fence is ever more tempting. Those millions my hubby had in his head weren't far out, put it this way, I couldn't buy that place if I won the lottery and it would take something like that to purchase it -- what on earth is our place valued at then?


I said I was going to end the blog and I am! I'll go and stick my head in the sand somewhere and hope it all goes away! -- Can I open my eyes now?

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