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Radio Ga Ga!



The phone rang constantly yesterday, in fact I lost circulation in my arm just keeping the receiver raised to my ear. When my my mobile rang too I let out a small scream of desperation! luckily it was a number I recognised from the radio station and happened to be that of a DJ's private cell phone, so I knew it was a call I must take.


I wasn't prepared to hear that I'd been chosen to host my own show. There was some talk about it long ago but I either didn't fit the criteria or it had simply slipped their minds I will never know but here I am panicking wondering what to do for my first show? I repeated myself several times, "I need some training." It's not all about playing tunes you know -- there's a deck with computers and all manner of switches just waiting to be pushed.


My hubby thinks it's just a matter of spinning a record. It's at that point that I remind him of his 50 years; he lives so far in the past, I'm sure he thinks we use vinyl 45's and 78's! Well since we are a local station without funding and most of the DJ's have certainly past their sell by dates and given the fact that we are volunteers, I can forgive him for thinking we use terms such as "Fan Dabby Dozy!" or "Groovy Tune, Man!" I may even throw in some floral shirts, moustaches, bell bottom pants and neon lights but this is not a 70's disco show!-- I always knew I had a face for radio though.


The deck looks more like the controls of the Starship Enterprise and we have a "Scotty" to boot! He's one of the DJ's on the Sunday show. I might just be screaming, "Beam me up!" by the end of the day! So you see it's not as easy as you think, this old radio job. I may be creaking a bit and I'm a bit grey around the edges but I intend to rock the place and I hope the listeners take kindly to me!


So what do you talk about for 3 hours! Mostly rubbish and things you never needed to know! I don't even know what the number one chart tune is at the moment -- no doubt I will find out! My forte has to be the eighties, it was kind of my era and fortunately there is renewed interest in music of that period. I can't do a whole show of Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet, though, so I'll have to catch up to date with my daughter's prized CD collection.


On the whole my hubby thinks it's quite cool to have a wife on the radio! My daughter just shrugs with embarrassment. I'm fairly sure she won't tell her friends -- I think she thinks I've finally gone round the bend! And with that I heard a great statement yesterday which kind of makes me empathise with it. Man flicks through his wedding album with his son. Son says, "Is that the day mum came to work for us?" I thought it summed it up quite well, although I think I'd add my bit and say, "No that was the day he won the lottery."


Now where did I put that Donny Osmond LP?


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