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Never Give In

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I was asked to do a radio stint -- me to do a show?

I'd been doing it some years now so I couldn't say no!

Me to sit in the hot seat broadcasting on the waves

Who knows what new horizons this little action paves?

Okay, I have scleroderma but no one will ever see

I'm just a voice on the airwaves, little ole me


So I place the headset over my ears and then begin to speak

The microphone quite close to me, I watch the needle peak

I hear the music playing, my voice is loud and clear

It's kind of surreal me just sitting here

I'm talking away to no one, yet thousands hear my voice

I have to play the music of everybody's choice


I can't believe I'm sat here doing my own bit

They said I was done for, can't work -- not fit

Yet here I am in media, something I've never done

It's like a little battle fought and know that I have won

You're never too old to party, show an old dog new tricks

Well let me tell you folks I'm a DJ who lays bricks

I've built my own cottage, and so far made it through

Don't ever let the doctors tell you what you cannot do


I sit back at the table for I am mighty proud

See I told you that you can never be too owd

And if you think you're done for -- never ever give in

Coz each day dawns a battle waiting for you to win

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