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Growing Pains



The sun shone and out came the masses. I've never seen so many folk wandering around in one day as I did yesterday. I think the bad winter drove everyone deep into their caves and the general feeling is one of hope and feeling the sun on your skin.


I was very much in the limelight yesterday; surprising how much attention one gets whilst in the garden. I wasn't exactly in the garden all day though; for most of it I was down the road with my spade and a bag full of bulbs to plant. My idea that next spring and indeed through the summer, there would be a parade of colour against the new fence.

My biggest problem was setting about doing it! Every time I stuck my spade in the soft ground a car full of people stopped and asked if I was doing a spot of planting? Well why else would I be stood, not in Sunday best but in boots, old jumper and pants that had seen better days, holding a bag of daffodil bulbs in one hand, spade in the other, if I wasn't about to plant something. Sometimes you have to wonder if nosiness is just all it was or we have a nation of empty heads!


I must admit that I resembled a scarecrow; perhaps they were just a bit curious -- but as the day went on I grew tired of people asking questions; even if I was about to grow something in my greenhouse. By 3pm I was the village celebrity, "She's about to grow something!" By 5pm I gave up, came indoors and wondered why I'd bothered entertaining the masses for free -- who needs local radio?


Today we have rain -- good news for the plants I managed to get in the ground -- and by all accounts I may get something done today. My tomatoes are growing, cucumbers are well on their way and I've put in peas,

carrots, cauliflower and celery. My potatoes are ready to plant so I might just sneak round the back, if no one is looking and put them in cautiously before anyone sees me.


My biggest problem is picking out the seedlings. I reckon I lose most of the packet trying to grab them with my stupid fingers. My trick is now to use more trays and less seed in each one so I can get them out easily.


I think the old term of "Growing Pains" describes my situation quite well!


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