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Greenhouse Sanctuary

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I'm having a bad day! You know it's gonna be bad when the blog I've been writing for half an hour, disappears in one click. Argghh, no! I can't be bothered writing it again!


I'm suffering from a cold --- sinusitis actually. I resemble a mucous projecting monster and speak like by dose has a clamp on id! But I saw Barefut's blog and her envy of my greenhouse and it sort of perked me up a bit knowing that I may have introduced a fellow blogger into a botanical and horticultural pastime --- yes the greenhouse is a very handy retreat!


When I've had enough of the world (or enough of my better half that is), it's sanctuary to sit and cool off however ironic that sounds. In my case it does both: my temper cools off, my hands and feet warm up -- what more could you ask? My little chair placed with enough room to stretch out and enjoy!


Having a greenhouse is a "must have" if you suffer from Raynaud's. It not only provides warmth but a break from doing nothing constructive. At the end of the day you may have an array of goodies -- if the slugs don't have them first -- and an attractive display for your friends to envy.


I think they should be available on prescription. Gone are the days when you thought the greenhouse was for grandparents and their prize dahlias. It's a health tonic and lifesaver!

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