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Bunged Up!



So much for blowing my nose through a forest of tissue paper-- this cold is wearing me down. I'm bunged up, can't breathe and I sound like I've had a helium blast on account of my nose not performing. It could not have come at a worse time! I know that there's never a good time to catch a cold but when I'm on the brink of stardom in my own right, I'm gonna sound pretty awful on the radio!


It's an old cliché -- "It might be hayfever." A good example but I don't and never have had hayfever! It's just a common cold and I know that in a couple of days I'll be more like myself again, even though I've had this nuisance for over a week! My daughter just rang from college.


"Bumm, hav got a cold, by dose is blocked up -- all your fault!"


My squeaky voice echoed down the line. "Dever bind love, just keep blowing your dose -- ab sorry for givin it to you!"


Of course my hubby has had a much worse dose. You'd think he was suffering the Bubonic Plague with all the moaning he's done. Demanding chicken soup was one thing but I warned in advance that I would not mop his brow!


A lovely day in prospect. The place to be is outdoors with my germs instead of breeding them in here. I could always potter around in the greenhouse this afternoon and watch the world go by. My tomatoes need thinning, so too my beetroot. What a way to while away a few hours and think of Greece -- Hey! I haven't mentioned Greece for ages, so there, I just did!


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