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Tomato Bug



I can't seem to shake off this cold! Just when I thought it was merrily on it's way; it came back worse than before and dare I say has ruined my chances of becoming a radio presenter for this week anyway! I could hardly air my croaky, bunged up voice, could I? So instead I'll cough and splutter my way around until I'm germ free.


I have no patience with anything. All I want to do is sit close by the fire and it's a real shame because we've just had the best week of sun for over a year! My poly tunnel is beckoning me -- a new addition to my garden as well as the green house. I have lots of plants waiting to be planted but I'm afraid they'll have to wait until I get the better of this bug.


My tomatoes and cucumber are all at seedling stage and coming on quite well. A few more weeks and they should have more leaves and be well on their way to planting in the green house or poly tunnel. I get quite excited at the prospect of home grown tomatoes. The smell is awesome and one I remember from being quite young. For me to reproduce that same smell will be a test of knowledge -- let's see how much I did learn and how closely I listened to the old master which was my Uncle John, who learned his ability to grow tomatoes from my Granddad (His Dad).


I kind of miss the constant visitors who came to buy his tomatoes, but he did have 4 large green houses full of plants. I can see them now, all in a line with just a little passage through the middle. They all seemed to be suspended in mid air-- on string! and the smell- Mmmm! Pounds of little red tomatoes swayed on branches as you passed by and I could never resist picking one or two as I went. They were so good it was like eating apples. Firm and juicy not soft and squidgy like the ones you buy in the shops -- and the taste -- like the strongest tasting fruit exactly as they smelled -- tomato! no mistaking.


If I can re create that same smell in my green house then it's a tribute I'm willing to pay to my family of tomato growers. I've managed to get 50 or so seedlings from one packet of seed, more than enough to fill my green house. I guess we'll be eating tomatoes all summer long and I can't think of anything better -- can you?


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