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Whine By The Glass!



Cheers! Barefut. Bottoms up! That whine certainly hit the spot! Oh how I empathise with you, although I no longer have that time of the month -- one less womany thing to worry about eh? I do however, have all the aches and pains of something we still share --Vintage Sclero!


The memory thing too has me wondering about my sanity. Things that I associated with the elderly or the absent mindness that a woman of a certain age falls victim too, are becoming too frequent for even me not to forget! I'm pinning my hopes on my age followed by sclero and hopefully not on the unmentionable word that won't go away since my mother died of dementia! Silly I know, to think that I may be going down the same road but when it happens to your nearest and dearest, there's always that nagging suspicion!


Battling with a cough and a nose which runs like a tap, I can also empathise with your situation. Do we not have enough to bear? Not only am I fighting battles of my own, but I'm battling my father's corner too! The fact that since September he's been at home no more than 5 weeks consecutively, then back into hospital for another dose of sympathy whilst I run around like the proverbial lap dog, visiting him and doing his laundry on a daily basis. Oh it's not that I mind, it's just that it's expected of me being the dutiful daughter. I drew a line under the present hospital stay because by my reckoning I was more needy of the bed than he was! Suddenly I'm the uncaring daughter who's duty to kneel before him is in question!


I'm just waiting for the first snide remark from his medical attendants then I'll let go! Do they realise that I run on rationed nuitrition and the fact that I may also be slightly ill. My dad has COPD so I'm not suggesting he's faking illness but loneliness certainly plays its part.


Thank goodness I no longer work for a living. I simply wouldn't have time to do all the things that are expected of me!


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