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Writer's Cramp from an Impatient Gardener!



It was so beautifully put by Barefut: writers we are! And we owe it all to Carrie, AKA Jefa, for making it possible for us to express our feelings in a blog and not making the whole thing an unreadable sham,which would be the situation in my case.


Not since high school has my English been more called for. It's a long time since I donned my school tie and skipped off merrily through the gates. That wasn't the case -- oh no! in fact I hated school and everything in the classroom, even the teachers and most of the pupils. I hated the school uniform, the shoes we wore (well they were like walking on bricks) and the whole scenario of a boring Math lesson with an equally boring teacher. Much has changed, thank goodness, since then. My best friend happens to be a teacher and now all I wish for is to go back and have the chance to listen more carefully.


I've had writer's cramp this week. It's not that nothing has happened, in my life something always does! I just kind of dried up like other things I have going on but I won't go into that! I've spent far too much time in the greenhouse and as a result I've got a sore finger, so much for green fingers, eh! It's red and cracked and I can't bend it, can you hear me snarling? Anyway my plants are doing well, Yay! and I'm well on my way to producing self sufficiency in the veg department. I find myself glued to the TV -- the gardening channel. My daughter walks out of the room in a huff as I switch channels from boom, boom na,na,na! to some old gardener with a limp and slow voice explaining the knack of pruning your plums! Funny but I remember doing the same when I was young -- how boring was a gardening programme then?


I've learned a lot -- who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, or is it something you evolve into as you grow older? The need to grow plants and potter around in a greenhouse is definitely a plateau you reach in middle age, I reckon! I never saw myself going down that road and here I am, not only going down it but sweeping it as well, with mucky nails and sore finger to boot!


I sat in the greenhouse yesterday, marvelling at all the little seedlings and urging them to grow. You see that's just me -- impatient! If I could wave my magic wand they'd be growing faster than Jack's beanstalk but that's fiction I know, but what a pity!


You definitely need patience! I'm learning to calm down and not disturb the soil to see if the seed has split, but the suspense is killing me! If they don't come up in a couple of days, I'm hovering over the seed tray with two little voices in my head --"Go on have a look, you know you want to!" Then comes reason, "Don't peek, be patient, they'll emerge when good and ready!" I usually walk away at this point as the temptation is so strong but I'll be back an hour later to see if they've sprouted -- what am I like?


So I'm an impatient gardener and an almost dyslexic blogger. Carrie can you grow things as well because I need some help?


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