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Slim But Not Shady!



If I have to blow my nose one more time.... The dreaded cold is back! I'm tired of sniffling and wiping my conk until it's red and sore, lovely subject by the way! My daughter even gave me a pack of her tissues which are mentholated -- imagine carrying those around with you all day? Everyone close by was breathing pure fresh air on account of my sneezing episode which brought out at least 4 handkerchiefs in one go!


Serious issue now: I've lost more weight -- a full 7 pounds. That may not sound very drastic but for me it means trouble with the dietician who just about tolerates my antics with a light-hearted warning. The threat of hospitalisation makes me hit the fridge for chocolate and milk and then I half choke just trying to shovel it all in. I then have to walk round with my head tilted backwards and hold my breath. It's a technique I've mastered for holding the food in -- and here I go again -- can I not be more disgustingly open?


Okay, so I have my problems. Another happens to be my bra -- oh yes, I still wear one, although I can't remember what for. I now wear a padded effort on account of only having two little excuses for a bust. My latest sexy pink one wasn't so sexy when I accidentally walked into someone in front and it made a ding on my left bosom. It was pointed out to me by my very observant daughter who immediately escorted me to the bathroom to push it back into shape.


On a plus side, I don't have to hold back in the clothing department. Usually the very small sizes are the ones left on the shelf and mostly on the sale rail which means I only take half the time to choose an outfit and I don't have to make excuses about the sizes being wrong which was always the case many years ago. I've been slim for almost 5 years now, but the holidays are fast approaching and I may just need a size smaller!


So I weighed myself this morning, not something I usually do! I felt thin if you know what I mean? My hips felt like I was stroking a starving cow and my shoulder blades look a bit like the shoulder pads on Dallas! (Remember that series?) I feel very slender and it's confirmed when I put on my jeans. I'm constantly pulling them up and they never used to be like that. Even my collarbone is beginning to look more like an Egyptian necklace! I may mock my figure but it's certainly no laughing matter to me.


Feet up, coffee in hand. I watch my mother goose, yes she is finally parading the goslings, 5 of them! A smile stretches across my face, you can't help but smile at the sight of 10 little orange legs topped with explosions of yellow fluff and cute little orange beaks -- five miniature Big Birds -- well at least she's happy. I'm just glad they're out at last, at least now we'll have the yard back instead of being hissed at every time we walk towards the gate.


Isn't nature wonderful?


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