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Half a Century Spouse!



Well, my hubby hit five-0 over the weekend and I couldn't help but tease him a little. A gentle reminder told him that I was still in my forties, albeit just 18 months behind him! Of course he stood some very snide remarks from his friends who labelled him as officially an "Owd Chap". Fifty is surely a milestone and one you never think will happen to you.


Well, he was given quite a few bottles of whiskey and he sat for most of the weekend with a cross eyed look and permanent grin on his face. Far from drowning his sorrows, I think he actually found a plausible excuse to have a good tipple. Not so good when he fell outside the door banging his head on some bricks though and I ended up with frozen fingers holding a bag of ice cubes on his brow to take down a rather huge lump. As a sufferer of gout and sporting a limp, he now had a bruised head and darkening eye. It was a bit shameful because it looked as though I'd given him a hiding or he'd gone the whole hog with Mike Tyson. So much for a joyous fiftieth event!


The weather is so good that I'm saying it quietly. Dare I mention the "S" word, Sun? Dare I even mention that I have a tan on account of being outdoors in the fresh air doing my gardening bit? Well there you are I just mentioned it! April in England has never been known to feel like summer. With temperatures in the high 16 -18's( 62 - 66 F) it was almost 40 in my greenhouse and that's a whopping 104 degrees! No one told me that you could get sunburn in a greenhouse, so it was quite a surprise to have strap marks and a big red face when I looked in the mirror. My hubby burned his head, now he looks like a matchstick. With the evenings still chilly, it's weird sitting by the fire with a tan and rubbing aftersun on my hubby's bonce.


The house is looking much better though. Finally I can report movement on the hole in the wall saga. The whole area has been cleared ready for building and hopefully, weather permitting, we'll make a start this weekend.


Back on track as they say! Please, Mr Weatherman, will you be kind this year?


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