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The Perils Of Being Thin!



Things were so different when I used to be fat

Oh, by the way I didn't mind being called that!

All the jolly woman don't have issues with their weight

That explains a lot then, now I'm a sickly size eight


Once my rounded figure was one for those to mock

Could never find an outfit or a suitable frock

I always felt discomfort in jeans that were to tight

And had to battle each morning, the zip was a fight

Lay on top of the bed in an uncompromising position

Daren't breathe out for fear of an exploding disposition


Still, I was happy in my own little way

And didn't worry about what people say

Calories were for dieters for me they posed no worry

I'd still shovel in an ice cream, a biscuit and a curry!

Though nights were never peaceful that burning I would hate

Just waiting for the lump to simply regurgitate


I can't be more disgusting well you know me for sure

This old model that I traded in for something a little newer

Now with my jeans I wear a belt, and clothes were made to fit

I don't have to be careful of popping out when I sit

Those muffin top love handles that used to overflow

Have gone along with my bosom, it didn't take long to go

My hubby jokes about them says he's seen bigger on a gnat

They were much larger when I was happy and fat

Now they look like two tablets on a flat piece of board

I'd have them enlarged you know if I could afford!


My cheekbones have become more prominent hollow and thin

Like I'm permanently sucking a lemon, and trying to keep it in

As shadow of my former self and I did it without a plan

If I could market this weight loss I'd put it in a can

But I wouldn't wish scleroderma on any woman or man


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