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Stealing Trash



We live in an area which unfortunately suffers with fly tipping. Let me explain what fly tipping is: It's total ignorance and idleness of the general public to place household rubbish in a trash can or take it to a land fill site. The rubbish can contain anything from everyday trash to garden rubbish and even kitchen appliances. The local government here are so tired of this problem that they have placed signs in the area warning of a £20,000 fine if caught dumping trash. Does that stop the problem? No!


The damage this does to the countryside and the environment, makes me seethe with anger. Animals suffer from this total stupidity and the lovely countryside suffers from litter and unsightly items.


So why am I telling you this? Well, I have an amusing, albeit sad story of an event that happened just this weekend.


My husband was standing in the yard looking at the roof, note I said looking and not doing! There was a huge clatter on the very bad bend we have just at the end of the drive. A huge 4x4 car was throwing bags of rubbish out of the window. By this time I was in the yard also watching the event take place. My mouth was wide open with disbelief that anyone could be so blatently ignorant as to tip rubbish from their car! My hubby raced down the drive to try and note the registration plate of the vehicle but it was going too fast.


The task which followed was a dice with death on a very bad bend. My hubby began to pick up all the rubbish, which by now was blowing all over the road and into the field. He picked up two plastic supermarket bags full of paper and fast food wrappers, and brought them to the house. We know what to do with them and the scheme always works.


Ignorant people are also ignorant about personal details such as letters with addresses on them or credit card details, plastic card details and even bank statements, which I find incredible. Anyway, just as we thought, all the details we needed were contained in the rubbish.


The trash belonged to a lady with horses. We knew that from the receipt for stabling and horse feed. She had several credit slips in her name and the best one of all, her stable's telephone number on a letterhead.


My hubby went indoors and rang the stables immediately. A man answered the phone and my hubby asked to speak to the lady on the letterhead.


"Oh she's not my wife or anything," he said. " She just pays me rent for the stables. What is it you want with her?"


My hubby began to explain to a rather horrified man and he agreed with us that she should be held accountable for her actions. I told my hubby to ask if a message could be passed on to this lady, asking her to come back for her belongings or else we'd turn her in. The man on the phone laughed and said he'd certainly pass on that message as it seemed very humorous to him seeing this lady grovel back here for her rubbish.


It was late afternoon and we decided to go out for a drive. When we returned there was a huge notice stuck on my trash can. "Sorry for the trouble caused, it was my little girl who threw out the rubbish," it said, Yeah right!


My hubby happened to look in the bin and laughed out loud. "She's taken the entire contents of our rubbish," he said. Her rubbish was still in the barn. Amongst that rubbish were food leftovers and horrible medical items, not to mention empty tins of cat and dog food.


My bin is much lighter now and it serves that woman right for tipping outside my home. She can come back next week for her stuff and I'll get my bin emptied again. Crime certainly doesn't pay.


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