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Everything's Coming Up Roses!



Everything's coming up roses -- well peas, potatoes and carrots, that is. I've achieved a successful veg patch without the pitfalls of a novice. Why, I was even called an expert by a passing friend who called in to say hello! She went away with a box full of the fruits of my labour, tomatoes, cucumbers and some little chilli plants from my greenhouse. She was amazed by my achievement, none more than myself because all I've ever managed to grow in the past is cress.


"What's your secret?" she asked, hoping I had an exclusive method.


"Too much time and a dose of boredom," I said!


"You know. you could sell your plants, make a business out of it," was her reply


Fact is, I've thought about that very thing myself. I've enjoyed pottering around the greenhouse. A huge plus has to be the warmth and it's not that we don't have the space. I even discussed it with my hubby who nodded his head and then asked what was for dinner, much to his interest in the matter. My daughter groaned thinking that she would be involved somewhere along the line.


"I'm not selling plants to strangers," she said. "No way!"


"You know it could pay for our annual holiday in Crete without you having to save for it!" I said with a persuasive tone


"I'll do it!" was the response, "When do we start?"


Ah, Crete! Not long now before we set off on our annual mission to the islands. This year though I'm more hopeful that the house will be finished and we won't be sacrificing the hole in the wall for a hole in the pocket trip this year.

It's been home to the sparrows, geese and even goats during winter. Didn't they used to live like that in medieval times? Well it happens to be my dining room or at least it will be. It's all cleared and ready to go and I must be the most patient woman in the entire universe. For every job that ever got finished, we never got anywhere near that hole. The weather played it's part entirely, from the day we took it down it never stopped raining and when it did, my hubby wasn't home (Work). Now I'm determined, come hail or shine, to get the wall put back and have a home without a patio indoors.


So everything is about to come up roses but roses round the door is still a way off!


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