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Penny For Your Thoughts (Hospital food)



My thanks are to Penny for the time she has spent

For every last word, I knew what she meant

Hospital food leaves a lot to be desired

If I had my way the chef would be fired

For I've spent some time in a bed on a ward

And mealtimes came round at times it was hard

I can no longer eat and although it's a shame

I had a lucky escape all the same


You don't have to eat this muck one said

As she pushed it away from her bed

I thought I was hungry but boy when it came

I think it was some animal they shot when lame

It resembled some dish I threw in the bin

And if I had one here this would go in


The smell wafted ominously down the hall

It stunk like something I'd never smelled at all

Wasn't vegetable or mineral in fact is was rank

And all the day after the smell still stank

Like over cooked cabbage and burned greasy fat

Who in their right minds would want to eat that?

We're in hospital for treatment or because we're not well

If we were alright before, we'd be ill with the smell


So I know what you mean, fellow blogger, my friend

I've seen patient's faces as the meal back they send

And all they can muster is a blob of ice cream

Instead of a meal, "Oh no!" they scream

For the ice cream had melted and gone all funny

No need for a spoon for it was so runny

So I guess it don't matter which hospital you go

Take your own lunch, it's safer you know!


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