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Farm Life And Coffee!



Today looks pretty grim. The pitter patter of rain woke me from my sleep in the early hours and since we haven't seen much of the wet stuff this spring, I suppose it's welcome for some farmers. The only problem is when it starts, it doesn't know when to stop! For the time being my potatoes will appreciate some untreated wetness as will my peas and beetroot no doubt.


Hubby has dreamt up another hobby-- Bee keeping! And I've been on the net looking for hives and equipment, something tells me that I'll end up tending to them; I can see myself in a suit with a smoking can--not! It has long amazed me how bee keepers gather the honey from the hive without the bees swarming, hence the smoking can!

It's all rather interesting but it's just another addition to our land that will harm you if you get too close. I have enough trouble with the geese and goats chasing me without a swarm of bees.


My training on the radio continues on Thursday. My hubby thinks it's easy to sit and blag for two hours and the music just plays by itself -- yeah! When you are faced with a desk full of buttons to push, four computer screens and a phone that never stops ringing and trying to talk about rubbish at the same time, sure it's easy, but then women can multitask, can't we? I suppose if blagging was an art, I'd be the master. Most of the time I utter pure rubbish but then isn't that what radio is all about?


Miserable wet Monday. My usual trip to the college with my silent daughter. It's like interrogation: "What did you get up to this weekend then?"




"Did you go out or stay in at your friends?"


"Went out"


"Where did you go?"


"Nowhere much"


"Did you have a good time?"


"It was okay"


Arghhh, I give up! I hate to be nosey but I'm interested. When my daughter isn't home I worry and I like to know where she is and with whom. I think it's only natural but my daughter thinks I'm interfering with her life. I know she's eighteen and quite capable of looking after herself, all the same I still worry for her. It's a big bad world out there, I only hope she knows that.


Well she got out of the car, moaned at the rain and dashed inside the college closing the car door on my goodbyes. I guess she's grown up but do you ever get the feeling of being used?


I got home around nine, still raining! All was quiet and I contemplated making coffee. The cat rubbed herself against my leg -- well at least the cat needed me! Then I sat wondering if I should light the fire? I realise my life is much different to the one I had before illness struck. I never saw myself as a stay at home wife, far from it! My life was hectic and I was my own boss. The stress was overpowering at times and that's what gave me the buzz! Now all I have to talk about is college runs, farm life and coffee.


Still, the holidays are ever nearing and it's something for me to look forward to. Just get me in that sun and away from dampness and honking geese. Get me away from a building site and daily runs in my car. With all that to look forward to I'll sink down in my sofa with the coffee I promised myself half an hour ago!


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