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Up In The Hair!



Pondering a visit to our local Tuesday market, then deciding not to go -- it's one of those kind of days. I was at the hairdressing salon earlier to get my untidy locks trimmed and into shape. I commented that even when wet after the initial cut, it would do, never mind the drying bit! Anyhow I'd paid for a cut and blow dry so whether I wanted it or not I was having it!


"Your hubby might treat you this evening," she said (she being the hairdresser).


I smiled and left the salon. Why do people assume that if you have a new hairstyle, your hubby will suddenly take interest and take you out! It's not that it's such a dramatic change, not like a face lift or breast augmentation. In fact if I had any of those, he wouldn't notice except for the breast bit and then it would only be because there'd be less room in bed! If I ran through the house naked he wouldn't even pass comment, not that I'm ever likely to do that with the risk posed by hypothermia and a severe Raynaud's attack.


I came home smelling of conditioner and hair glue. My hair looks great for now and worthy of a night out on the town, not for pottering around in Wellington Boots and body warmer. Still I look better when I deal with the general public instead of resembling a cave woman. Did I mention the general public at large? Oh, I have plenty dealings with them of late on account of performing goats. Last week they got under the fence, this week they're getting over it! And then there's the entourage of geese and goslings and a mass break out is underway!


It was the talk of the hairdressers in fact. I was introduced to a group of people who I've never met before as the goat woman of the bottoms. I thought they were all about to stand and applaud so much was the interest! One lady with a head full of curlers spun round on her chair to ask of their names and another remarked upon how fast they run. Yes! I agree on that one! Now they can jump as high as the fence -- goat Olympics are going on in the bottoms, they said! It was all too much in the end and I was glad to get out, blow dried or not!


My daughter rang from college to say she'd be finishing early. My dad rang to ask if I was going to see him today. My hubby comes home for lunch, and now you know why I'm not going to the market. I'm so confused, I'm here and there and with a new hairstyle to boot! Radio training on Thursday and with that I realise that my headphones will ruin my style -- It will flatten! Still, I can always wear a hat.


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