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Crest Poem



What's the meaning of Crest! wouldn't you like to know!

It's not as bad as you may think, my rheumatologist told me so

So what's the C, I hear you say, well calcinosis to me and you

And R stands for Raynauds and it's what turns your fingers blue

E is for the esophagus, I have problems there, Oh my!

S is for sclerodactyly, it makes you look younger, Mmm not I!

And T for talengectasia, hard to say and harder even to spell

The symptoms of crest I have all 4 and the 5th one now as well


So what did I do to get such a thing? Is it something that I ate

Is it something from my teenage years or just plain old fate

Did I overdo the drinking, going out and having fun

Then why is it my friends are all ok and I'm the only one!

Did I enjoy my life too frantically, live my younger days to the full

At least I can look back and say that my life was never dull

Did I stay out too late in the evenings and come home early dawn

And go to work the very next day without so much of a yawn

Am I being punished for enjoyment or something else maybe!

If I knew then what I know now, I'd have listened to mum you see

She always warned, you'll catch your death going out dressed like that

But it wasn't hip to go outside with wooly jumper, gloves and hat

She used to roll her eyes and shake her head "You'll rue for that one day"

Those words she said come flooding back and I remember them today

So maybe I am partly to blame, I caused my frankenstien too

This monster now within me that turns my body blue

If ever they can find a cure and make it go away

I'd be the happiest person you'd ever see today

But at least I know I'm not alone and there is always you!

Someone I know I can turn to and always see me through..


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