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Wiping the sleep from my bleary eyes, today is Thursday and my very first day of radio training! I've just got up, looked in the mirror and, Yikes! My hair has taken on a new style. I look petrified, oh no, not today of all days!

Not that anyone will see me, that's the beauty of radio but for my own vanity something must be done! You see we went out last night with Steph and her new boyfriend. There was I trying to make an impression, hubby was already making one and Steph sat nervously as she hoped for Dad's approval!


I like the boy very much, a bit shy, very courteous, what more can be said? But she's Daddy's little girl and the poor lad was under scrutiny. After two pints of beer, my hubby rocked and couldn't have cared less, by the time the third went down, they were best pals!


"Do you like geese?" My hubby asked.


"Don't mind them actually" he said.


"Good then you can feed 'em tomorrow -- and the goats"


I interrupted with that tone only a woman can do when keeping her man under control "Steve, behave."


The night went pretty well in fact. He's the new addition to our ever growing party of friends going to Crete in summer. I never mentioned before but it's my daughter's 18th birthday present -- a whole week in Crete! It's cost a fortune but we reckoned it would work out cheaper than hiring a venue. So there's 10 on the list and I'm quite looking forward to spending time with a party of people. The young ones have never been to Greece, one of them has never been further than the local seaside, so it's a whole new experience for him. They're good kids though, in case you wondered.


When she asked to make the list, she invited more mature people than mates. The parents of her best friend who we have known for years, and my best friend also. She was quite content with just a small party of best friends and ones she could trust.


I really must do something with my hair...


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