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Ha,ha, ha, hee, hee, hee.

The sound of laughter directed at me

In a daft hat and sensible shoes

And my fingertips have got the blues

Yes, I was nineteen a tender age

And had just begun to earn a wage


Look at that, what could it be?

I didn't understand then, you see

It seemed the perfect party trick

Didn't know it would make me sick

First it was one, then two and three

First on one hand, what was happening to me?

Then it was both, something not right

So I went to the doctor that very night


Don't worry, my dear, coz I've seen loads

Woman of your age, you've got Raynaud's

It's really nothing of great concern

Go away, there's nothing to learn

You won't die and you're not the first

So please don't worry or fear the worst


So home I went without a care

This loss of touch I'll grin and bear

It only happens when I'm cold

So down the river I was sold

How ignorance can be so cruel

A clever doctor sure ain't no fool

If he says don't worry it's okay

Then why not go on my merry way


The years went by and how I regret

Not questioning things I'd rather forget

If only I'd known what lay ahead

I'd have never listened to what he said

For Raynaud's wasn't no party piece

In fact the problem would never cease


Thirty years went quickly by

In my forties now am I

Can't eat, have a limp, in fact I'm a mess

Not the woman I'd hoped to be, I guess

Now I'll be lucky to get through the day

Without any pain along the way

This Raynaud's thing is not much fun

In a country that barely sees the sun!


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