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Guy Fawkes Night



What is global warming? In fact, where is global warming? It's early Nov and already the temperatures have fallen way below zero.

Today is Nov 4th and traditionally, as most Brits know, it's Guy Fawkes Night! Actually, Guy Fawkes Night or bonfire night is the 5th but such a celebration would not be fitting for a lazy Sunday.

Guy Fawkes was the geezer who tried to blow up the houses of parliament in the 1600s. Had he succeeded it would have been the greatest acheivement at the time. We still have the same problem today. Funny how events repeat themselves.

This is the time of year when self respecting individuals turn arsonists in their own back yard and burn almost anything. No wonder the fire service is on high alert!

The kids all get to make a Guy!

The event will involve traditional foods such as Treacle toffee, Parkin ( a dark treacle, oatmeal and ginger cake), potatoes cooked in their skins with butter or cheese, hot dogs, burgers, black pea soup, Hot pot (layered meat and potato dish) and a hot fruit punch.

We'll be heading for an organised display. I've been to many unsafe events where friends have attempted to emulate the millennium celebrations, only to burn down the shed and have sky rockets shooting through the neighbours' greenhouses. One year in particular, a friend melted all his window frames such was the intense heat from the fire. Needless to say, a visit from the fire service was required and it all came to a damp unceremonious end!

I'll be there tonight freezing my toes off in a field not far from here. I'll be rubbing my fingers and jumping up and down to keep warm, am I mad? Anyway, I'll keep up the tradition as usual. The fireworks will be nice though and when finally allowed close to the fire, I'll be first in the que.

Crazy Brits!


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