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The Enema (Personal story of constipation)



That rumbling ache gripes down below

A gentle reminder that I must soon go

So off to the bathroom I trot again

Trying to relieve myself of pain


It ain't no fun trying in vain

This awful gripe is driving me insane

Straining and pushing for all you're worth

My, It's almost like giving birth!

It really isn't funny although some would smile

When you haven't been to the toilet for a while


You don't need an audience, in fact that's what I got

Some awful cold liquid up there was shot

The nurse sat and told me to wait for a min

I was blue in the face trying to hold it all in

"It will make things easy don't worry" she said

I sucked in my cheeks and my face turned red

There was silence all round in my humble abode

Whilst I felt like I was about to explode


With pain almost unbearable I was off like a shot

I almost didn't make it up to the top

I raced for the toilet and sat with a shout

This unbearable mess was coming out

With a sigh of relief, in fact it was more

I slowly walked in through the living room door

The nurse and my family all looked with despair

Did you eventually manage to go up there?


The look of delight for all to see

Told everyone it had worked for me

All that straining was all in the past

For I had found success at last.


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