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Spent the entire weekend burning rubbish, my contribution to global warming. It was nice and warm though and it beat the **** out of staying indoors.


The TV's full of seasonal ideas and everywhere you look there's a reminder that 'Silly season' will soon be upon us. Hey, what happened to Autumn? It's just skipped past these days and the trees, well you hardly notice the change anymore. Fact is they don't notice it either! The seasons are upside down just like me!


When I was a kid, please I do still remember that far back, I remember November being so cold that you could see your breath indoors. No, we didn't have the luxury of central heating. More like a single coal fire and we lived and breathed in front of it. I got undressed at night, dressed in the morning and toasted bread on that little hole in the wall.


I remember jumping up and down with feet so cold they ached and a face as red as a baboon's bottom to match. November was winter and December was like the picture on most seasonal cards.


The milk was delivered to the door in pint glass bottles by a man in a white overall and peak cap. In winter the milk was cold and creamy, in summer it was yuck!

My gran raised her bread in a tin bowl with a damp cloth draped over the top and when she cooked it, the smell beckoned you indoors no matter where you were or what you were doing. And the first slice of warm bread in your hand with creamy butter running down your palm was a moment to die for.


The smell drifting through the kitchen from my gran's cooking in winter was worth bottling, it never was the same in summer.


My gran had the perfect answer for Raynauds. I didn't have the condition then but I can almost invisage her dragging me back indoors to collect two hot potatoes to place in my pockets, that was her remedy for cold hands. And she always muffled me up so tight, scarf, hat, heavy jacket, boots with itchy socks and an equally itchy jumper under all the outside layers. I was so stiff, I walked round like R2D2 before he was ever thought of, but guess what? I was lovely and warm!


The school plays were always eagerly awaited and my gran's defining moment was when I played a character who sung one of the songs completely on my own in front of an adult audience. Okay, I was the front end of a cow but that didn't matter and to me well, I was just grateful that I wasn't playing the rear. My gran was so proud as I sung 'Silent Night' I got an extra special treat on the way home that night.


I miss those days terribly. I miss my gran, her ways, her cooking, her smile just everything she stood for, and if she could see me now she'd wrap me up with love.

My daughter knows my gran although she died long before she was born. Her memory lives on in me and hopefully through my daughter too.


Memories are a such wonderful thing!


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