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Can't Sleep!



Can hardly focus, my eyes are sore

Another night, can't stand no more

I've got pain in my shoulder and in my tum

No sleep last night I simply had none

My hubby snored on every breath

And out of the covers, I'd catch my death

My pillows fluffed high I was almost upright

But it became clear I wasn't going to sleep tonight.


I watched the day break and heard the bird call

I hadn't slept a wink at all

And hubby snored on as he tossed and turned

Whilst the fire in my stomach constantly burned

The sun rose above the hillside, I closed my eyes

I'd seen enough of the morning skies

But no matter how much I tried to sleep

I couldn't resist another peep


It was 5am and up was the sun

Another day had just begun

Soon the alarm would sound on the tock

But I was way ahead of the clock

"What's the matter my hubby said?"

As he snuggled down deep in bed

Then before my reply he continued to snore

I really couldn't stand no more!


Bleary eyed I write this blog

My night of woe I had to log

I need to put my brain in gear

My day will have to start right here

Going on holiday won't be much fun

If I don't get the cases done

So many things I need to pack

At this rate we'll be coming back!


No sleep, no good, as I end this rhyme

Can't wait for my bed this night time.


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