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Never Too Late!



All is not lost!...... What am I talking about? This blog will sound like an advertisement for get up and go and I can assure you it's not!


I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last 10 years and none more so than in the last few weeks. There I was sat at home trying to twiddle my thumbs. I was thinking my working life was over and perhaps I had nothing more to give. I have an autoimmune disease and fast aproaching 50, what had I got to look forward to -- let's be honest?


I've got myself involved in local radio, sure it was a stint not worthy of blowing one's trumpet too loud but when asked to become more involved, the temptation was too much and me and my big mouth ended up behind the microphone more often than fresh air. Before I knew it I was presenting shows completely on my own doing what I know best --- blagging and wittering on about nothing worth mentioning but talking about it all the same"


I've just finished a training meeting where I've been accepted as one of the team; the team being a showbiz set of actors, DJ's and people with far more experience behind radio stations than I had years in me. Suddenly I feel needed, valuable, a member of society and most importantly I have my life back!


You see it's never too late to make an entrance and even if you feel you have nothing more to give, you could be so wrong?


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