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Piggy Sniffles!



I wrote this rhyme for jaxs and you

Here's hoping I don't come down with flu

I hope no offence at the following line

For the flu I don't want happens to be swine


There's so much about it, It's everywhere

In the papers huh! like they care

It's all bout statistics and I hope I'm not one

I think I'll stay in till the virus has gone

A dose of the plague I'll do without please

Ill be off to the doctor's if I as much as sneeze


Talk about stories and this one is big

Catching epidemics from a pig?

And then last year, flu from a bird

All these diseases I've never heard

We'll be worried about insects -- do they get sick?

We'll be catching pneumonia from a tick

And if my cat sneezes, she'll have to go

I'm not having cat flu as well you know!


It's all rather worrying and I shouldn't make light

If you have scleroderma it would be more than a fight

But what can you do except hope for the best

Stay indoors in your snug little nest

And if I contract the dreaded flu

I hope I won't oink like little pigs do!


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