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I get depressed, yes I do, oh! please not again

I look out of my window and all I see is rain

My life is just a merry go round, there's so much more I'm sure

I was always such a busy lass, a confident person,a do-er

And now I'm just a nothing, with nothing to do with her time

Except write upon the internet making up a silly rhyme


I've got a rare condition so does that make me unique

I don't have it tattooed on, don't advertise it so to speak

And if you didn't know me personally, well, you would never guess

That I lay in a hospital bed for two years in a terrible mess

Yes, I look quite wonderful, my face is shiny and taut

And there isn't any wonder drug although one is very much sought

You look younger every day, my dear, my what some would give for that

And I have a figure to die for at 46 I wish I was fat


A sigh tells me to buck up, get real, have a break, get a life!

And look at my life differently instead of toil and strife

I've got a world of love to share and the same is given to me

I have a lovely hubby and wonderful family

So what right have I to be depressed when I have riches like those

And continue being a sad old thing when this path in life I chose

I'm reaping all the good things of a previous life in health

And I'm counting all the good points adding to my wealth


I have nothing to be sad for, nothing to make me moan

I am surrounded by my family and at least I'm not alone

So when I think of sadness, I'll count my lucky stars

They don't sell this kind of happiness in any glass jars

So now I feel much better and the rain has finally waned

And I'm feeling on top of the world now that it's finally rained


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