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Something's going on here of which there is no cure

I'm wandering in blog land, don't belong here I'm sure

I really feel umwanted, the gremlins locked me out

And even with a little push my presence was not about

I tried in vain but to no avail

My fingers turned a whiter pale

I tapped and screamed but the site wasn't playin

"Don't recognise you!" I think it was sayin

So I sat and sulked beyond despair

Thinking, I would never get there


My fingers numb and patience thin

I was never going to get back in

And even though I tried my best

And it put my temper to the test

I carried on until I'd done

But the silly old computer won

And I went to bed without a blog

But Shelley didn't sleep like a log

She tossed and turned coz I was missin

The cookies crumbled,started fizzin

The micro chips all hot and burned

And Shelley still tossed and turned

I'll get her in I won't be beat

She suddenly jumped to her feet

I'll change her name make her new

She didn't know what else to do?


She tweeked a few knobs and pressed on the keys

The last resort, she was on her knees

Hey presto! the wall came down to ground

And guess what? you'll see me around

And here's my blog although in rhyme

You might say "well it's about time"

I may be late for my appointment here

But the route I took wasn't so clear

I think I might need a cyber Sat Nav

What a useful tool for me to have

So until they invent such a device

Internet explorer will do very nice!


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