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Me Time!



How do you define a hectic week -- taking the kids to school, hospital appointments, job commitments and family duties. Just stop and think for a while -- What about me?

I'm burned out, no energy and feel like I've been hit by a 37 bus full of passengers and in the midst of it all I can't remember my hospital appointment date which I'm sure I've missed, my hair salon appointment or where I'm supposed to be with who, where and when. If ever there was a case for short term Alzheimer's, I'd probably fit the criteria.


I found myself uncontrollably saying the yes word all to often this week and the biggest yes of all to something I don't think I am ready for as yet. Woman's Institute -- ring any bells? Isn't that for the over 50's? I'm fast approaching that golden number but my head is stuck at 21, am I ready for jam making, nude calendars and raspberry buns?


Anyhow I stupidly said I'd join, then regretted it all day, not because I think it's old and fuddy duddy -- nope! I just didn't have the time. From a stay at home frump with nothing to do, I'm now a radio presenter, board member and social services campaigner. Where would I find time to be a fully fledged WI member.


I've been battling a cold which didn't get the better of me. I didn't have time to dwell on the fact that my nose was so blocked I sounded like Daffy Duck on helium. It really was noticeable during an interview with a lady from the Digital TV Switch-over Service who came into the studio earlier in the week.


"So what wub the switch-over bean for us thed" I asked with tissue firmly gripped in hand. I saw her chair move further away from the mic. I don't blame her really, all this talk of pig flu I wonder if she thought I was full of it? It's only when I listened back to the recording that I realised how stupid I sounded so I instantly popped in a menthol drop which burned my gullet like mad but at least I could breathe.


Altogether a bad week. I need a rest. Where is all this me time?


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