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Short Sentiment



We complain when it's hot, complain when it's cold. We're never just right, are we?

Complain about summer and wintertime too. We're never just satisfied are we?

Just look around and then complain, the world needs putting to right

And if you're someone just like me, we have one thing in common,don't we?

Scleroderma, Raynauds too and all the trouble this brings, we're not alone trust me!


All these questions and worries, all the pressures and pain, funny things aren't they

All the doctors who shake their heads and don't know much, do they?

How would some folk like this life, they'd be fed up wouldn't they!

Or is it me, am I just daft, or am I sane, I don't know just ask me!

This pain feels real enough to me, so don't bother I won't tell thee!

I don't want sympathy a smile would be nice, a friendly face I ask you!

I'm still the same as I always was, my personality unchanged so like me!

I'll never give in or ask for help, so don't worry for me I beg you!

This disease won't win and I won't give in so just be my friend I need you!


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