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Mental Evaluation and SSI



My mental evaluation went very well. I passed where I was supposed to pass and failed where I was supposed to fail. YOU count backwards from 100 by 13's! Then try and remember 4 words she had you repeat 5 questions ago. :emoticon-dont-know:


I followed directions well - folding a piece of paper in 1/2 and placing it on her desk. :woohoo:


In the end they said they will recommend that I get SSI and ASAP! :emoticons-line-dance:


Then same day, I get in the mail another letter from DSHS. Due to state budget cuts, beginning March 1st, they will now be counting Supplimental Security Income against Temporary Assistance to Needy Families to reduce befefits.


I swear there must be some guy in an office watching me and waiting to spring new rules into the system based on when I am granted any kind of benefit.

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Man, I couldn't count back from 100 by 13's before scleroderma, I certainly couldn't do it now! Yeah I'd like to say mty memory was worse because of sclero but too many people would say NO you were always like that...


I'm sorry they're fiddling with your benefits, it's frustrating and makes you feel somewhat helpless. I hope you end up better off somehow.


Take care. :you-rock:

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