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Slacker Mom from November 5, 2008



05 November 2008

Posted by barefut

Okay Barb, do you want to stop making me cry now?


I couldn't agree with you more on all points except for maybe the part about me dealing with parenthood immaculately. I muddle through. Seems I am constantly looking for role models and asking every parent I know, "Do you run into this (or that) - what do you do?" As with Scleroderma, I guess I just don't want to feel all alone in this uncertain adventure called parenthood.


Then there's my two subtypes of being a Parent:

1. Single Parent

2. Single Parent with Scleroderma


Yes, we are rare. I would like to bend the ear of other single parents with scleroderma. I don't know of many. Maybe I will put out an all points bulletin in the Sclero Den. I think I need to be relieved of some of my guilt by knowing I am not the only one who ...parents like me. For me, sclero mom equals slacker mom.


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hello barefoot. i am single parent with 4 kids one of whom autistic, diffuse systemic sclerosis with skin, lung and gastro-intestinal involvement, working 4 days a week in stressful job so am definitely muddling along. Housework definetly bottom of my priority list but have the occasional guilt frenzied cleaning weekend. Have just applied for DLA which would probably be best spent on a cleaner if I qualify for it. U are not alone but I don't think u should call yourself a slacker mum. If u feel as fatigued as I do then "slacking " is only way to cope. And wine of course

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Hello Barefut,

I to am a single mum with! i am mum to 3 children and both physicaly and mentally and emotionally my life seems stuck in a vicious circle. if the kids want friends over I have to assess if I am going to be able to stay awake to look after them and if I am going to have enough energy to clean up to make sure the house is tidy. and on days when I dont have the energy I will sometimes push myself which can then leave me so exhausted if I sit down I will crash out. feeling guilty about not being able to just get up and go out with the kids and having to let them down so much and the times when the fatigue is so bad I will literally see them into school drive home and then sleep until an hour brfore I have to collect them at the end of the school day and not do a thing in the house.

it seems I am constantly juggling and then out of the blue someone throws so many balls in unexpectadly that they all come crashing down if you know what I mean. i could go on for ever.


just wanted to let you know you are so not on your own with these problems and it is sooooo hard I feel being a single parent without this illness thrown in but it seems to me that we all seem to get by as best we can in a bad situation although at times it feels like I am not going to get through this time but I do.

take care

queenie x

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Helend and Queenie - I just discovered your replies! I'm so sorry for my late response.


Thank you both for chiming in! Every time I feel rotton I learn of someone worse off than me and then I feel like a heel for complaining! You both seem to be doing more and struggling with more than I and I wish you all the spoons in the world to get you through your days!


Be back soon!

Barefut XO♥

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