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From my heart



The cursor sits blinking in sync with my heartbeat waiting for me to grace the blank white space with words of wisdom, hope, empathy, humor or a share of despair.


But who am I to think I can write? Who am I to think I can change a life?


The cursor mocks me. Dares me. Laughs at me. Yes, who are YOU?


I am just a girl. Just a mom. Just a person. Just swimming.


Breathing, seeing, listening, breathing.


Experiencing, learning, evolving.


Stepping carefully and sometimes not so carefully - sometimes on people's toes - but always learning.


Paying attention, making mistakes, paying my dues, and making progress.


Slow by some people's standards but still progress nonetheless.


Careful not to judge others and yet judging myself by standards set on high.


Who am I to think I can write - change a life with my words, or just make someone think, or laugh, or feel better for just a moment?


The cursor IS my heartbeat. The words are from my heart.

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