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Hangin On The Phone

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Yikes! My head is in a spin, my nerves can't take no more

My patience all but broken, my fingers becoming sore

I'm trying to make an appointment and I'm going round the twist

For everyone I talk to has gone out for lunch -- I've missed

Now I'm a sort of mellow and normally quite polite

But I'm finding this poliva a task I need to fight

I only want an appointment, I dont care when or who

But to make a date with a hospital is a very hard thing to do


The reciever on the telephone is ringing in my ears

Then I'm put on hold to the sound of Brittany Spears

"Oh Baby Baby I shouldn't have let you go"!

I found myself humming the rest I didn't know!

This song was never ending, it was grinding in my head

Then the record ended and they put Jacko on instead

'Thriller nights' is tolerable but not when you're hanging on

I almost had an answer but then they must have gone

Please, make me an appointment I'm losing my very wit

How much more can a person take I'm just hangin on for it


I'm clinging to a piece of paper, my name address and number

I'm sure the operator has gone off to bed to slumber

I've been sitting here for so long now my bottom's going numb

And then another catchy tune begins for me to hum

This time it's Kylie Minogue with a happy kind of tune

But I'll be hollerin Eminem if they don't answer soon

A sigh and the tapping foot aggravations setting in

And my very good intentions are starting to wear thin

Where are you Mrs receptionist? I really need a date

They'll have found a cure for me in the time I have to wait


The music stops abruptly and then a little voice

Can I help you today madam and I finally get a choice

I want to make an appointment, I need to see someone at the double

I need to see a speciallist for my spot of trouble

Will January be alright for you, it's the earliest one to date

Should I book you in for that one-- January O Eight

January when my dear, are you having a laugh and a joke?

I could be six foot under then, she never even spoke

Are you being serious, I asked with a little moan

I nearly had a heart attack on this ###### phone

She replied with a solemn voice, I'm afraid that's the only date

And if you want to be seen before, you'll have to ###### well wait

This appointment thing is useless, I'll suffer this pain instead

Coz waiting for a speciallist you'd end up being dead

I think I'll leave the conversation and back to the doctor I'll go

And make another appointment in a year or so


If I'm still here that is!

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