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Our Precious Kids



My 15 year old son gave me an unsolicited hug this morning then a few minutes later we had this exchange:


He: Do you feel really bad when you don't take your pills?

Me: Yes

He: Do you feel really bad when you do take your pills?

Me; Well some of them do have some bad side effects.

He: Like what?

Me: Well 2 of them make me dizzy and nauseous but then so does this disease (gastrointestinal involvement) And one of them makes me irritable (we smile at each other)


Me: Why are you asking?

He: Because I just want to know how you feel.


Me - instant tears. What sclerodermian does not want to hear that?! From ANYONE let alone their children? Ohhhh I'm going to feel hugged all day. This gave me chills yet made me feel warm all over. And then I thought about what it must be like for him to have a mom with scleroderma.


I would love to interview children of parents with chronic illnesses and put together an anthology. In fact I am composing questions in my mind as I type this.


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