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Cats Everywhere.



Heating on! Now where are my boots?


Those flakes were growing in size, Mmmm! it may be sticking. The cats certainly thought so. Note I say cats yes I now have a menagerie! One Meowing, one stretched in front of the fire and one sat on the work top -- Sat on the worktop? "Hey Geroff"




Beastly thing, I've just spent ages cleaning the worktops and trying to get rid of the smell of curry from last night. The containers are in the bin and I'm not going out - not yet to put them in the dustbin outside. I can't find me boots!


"Oy Get off me table"


I despair! The door is opened but the cats just look at me as if to say "Are you crazy - We ain't going out in that"


Sigh!! Clean the table again and then I see paw marks on my cooker "Oh No!" Clean the cooker.


The black cat rubs my leg and then around around my feet I cannot walk. I know what they want -- food!

20 tins of cat food later, half a leftover Chicken and the Turkey from the festivities, no wonder they think I'm a push over! I'm a vending machine for food - they Meeoww and I dispense. Better still let it snow and we can stay indoors all day.


It's getting so dark now - looks like thunder. I don't like thunder it scares me, ever since my grandma told me of ball lightning and how one chased her through the house. She even turned all the mirrors round. No wonder I have a phobia? I have visions of a ball of fire raging through the house but I can't turn our mirrors round unless I move the wall as well, like something out of Harry Potter.


CRACCK! Whoooo there it goes! I'll stand here away from the door. Hailstone, it's like the end of the world - I'm so dramatic aren't I? Another rumble - how many seconds are you meant to count to judge the distance of the storm? It looks really bad out there.


"Hey, get your head out of that bin!"


There's the back end of a cat with no visible head in the bin licking the curry containers..... I give up!


Meeow! I'm pulling its back end out of the bin and when finally out, it's tongue is swishing from side to side and sneezing. I reckon it's eaten the Vindaloo....... that'll serve you right!


I grab a tin of cat food from the shelf and I have a following.


"No Squabbling and no stealing from each other."


I can't get the stuff out of the tin and with the cat's head so large there's not enough bowl to put it in, so I scoop it out and it lands right between it's ears and what fun as the others fight to eat it off the cat's head.


Phew! I may get some peace now. The thunder has stopped, Cats fed and I'm having a coffee.


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