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Moving Home



This old house is getting me down and I'm finding it hard to cope

You'd think we'd taken on a bit too much and it's being built on hope!

For this old house is ancient and hasn't been touched since then

It was home to the English Roundheads, all of Cromwell's men

I think they left in a hurry coz they sort of trashed the joint

And no one thought to fix it, there wasn't any point


I grew up playing inside that broken house with dreams of being Mum

And my friends all thought it was brilliant, they played around for fun

Little did I know it was part of our history, a capsule in the past

And by the time I began to care, the house was falling fast

I fought the authoritories daily, the council and the judge

Their decision was to demolish and they wouldn't even budge

So finally a compromise, half old with some materials new

And we began to rebuild every wall and roof, brick and beam anew


For four long years we lived in a trailer, affectionately tin can

The cramped small living spaces were enough for any man

No water in the winter coz it always froze the tap

And even the electricity went off with every mishap

And when the wind howled, the tin can shook and swayed

We questioned every decision that we ever made

Were we wrong to spend four years living like hermits

Just for the sake of obtaining building permits

Me with scleroderma and afraid of being cold

Living in a tin can was awfully bold


Now we're nearing completion, the plaster is on the wall

The house looks like a mansion standing tall

My dreams of seeing an old house back to it's original state

Has me coming out in goosebumps, we hadn't left it too late

The ghosts that haunt the building, yes! we have a few

They approve of the surroundings I've heard them "boooo"

And I think they'll be quite happy, to have a new home

But I'll be quite nervy being home alone

I think they'll be kind to me but then again not

It was my family that caused the house to rot

But this generation rebuilt it and will love it from now on

And all the rot and deprivation has long since gone


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