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Snow they say!


Well it's certainly cold enough. The mere mention of the word and everyone buys bread- Why?


I'd wrestled with a wonky wheeled trolley all round the supermarket. I'd bumped. bruised, and bore the brunt of many a screwed up face and said "Sorry" more times than a child with a broken piece of China! I was worn out when I reached Checkout.


In front of me was a lady, you know the type. A busy little bee type who was keeping up with the cashier, throwing things into bags, but the mound of Bread? 10 loaves - I counted.

I looked at my measly shop with just a pack of fresh meat, a bag of peppers. cheese, tinned tomatoes,beans. Yeah! I'm making Chilli.


The lady announced with a rather worrying expression. "It's going to snow really bad, thought I'd better stock up"


I smiled and looked down into my trolley and said "It's terrible when you shop for a month isn't it?" Meaning the stuff I had was for a whole month.


Some people don't get humour.


"You don't eat much then do you?" She said


"I don't eat at all" I said!


She hurried off balancing loaves on top of the bags of shopping.


I said to the cashier. "A few more loaves and she could build an extension"


At least someone had a sense of humour - she laughed out loud.


She went on to tell me that they had been really busy since the weather men announced there would be snow. I had noticed some shelves were unusually bare and the fact I had the wonky wheeled trolley was because it was on it's own in the far corner of the car park, No one else wanted it!


"I hate the cold, do you?" She asked


I think she sort of guessed that due to the heavy layers of clothing I had on, boots, gloves, scarf the whole lot. I actually looked like I had robbed a snowman


On the way home it started and I was very glad to get indoors to my warm fire.

Looking in the fridge, I wondered if we would survive this snow-ma-geddon? If we get snowed in my family will starve. Huh! welcome to my world. They can share my Osmalite!


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