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Momma Used To Say



My Momma used to say, "just wait until you're old"

When your back goes out more than you do and begin to feel the cold

Back then her words were unheeded I was young, why should I care?

I'm too far away from fifties, it was a lifetime till I was there.


I'd go outside in winter, build a snowman, cold hands would warm by the fire

With feet so cold inside my boots and skimpy outdoor attire

"You'll get chilblains" my mum used to cry, and then you'll get what for

But those words meant nothing as I ran out of the door


I'd walk around in Tee shirts when woollens I should have worn

"You'll get pneumonia one day" and then you will mourn

But life in the 80's was fun, why should I take her heed?

A Mum who told me what to do was something I didn't need.



So the years went by as they do and I got married did all that

But something wasn't right you know, I began to eat my hat

My fingers dead and painful, Pneumonia came and went

And off to see the specialist, I was duly sent

They said I had Scleroderma, surely it wasn't bad

I'd never even heard of it. something I never knew I had


My Mother's words rang through and through

And now I was feeling the cold too

Chilblains, illness, I had the lot

And other things that I've forgot


I guess my Mother was always right but I never saw this day

And now I wish she was here, she was right I would say


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