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You like me...you really like me!

Amanda Thorpe


Did you know, I spent my early years wanting doctors, consultants, nurses etc to like me? Even though I was grappling with scleroderma and the havoc it was wreaking I wanted to be liked by all these new people I was spending time with, especially if I was hospitalised. Guess what, this was a totally normal and common expectation but it was completely unnecessary, even counter productive.


Let me be clear, I am not suggesting that we be rude or obnoxious in any way, that's totally self defeating, just that we recognise that interaction with our medical team is not a social encounter for either side. As nice as it is to feel all warm and fuzzy about those providing our care it's not a priority, yes, we need to be able to connect with the person but only so far as it enables us to communicate freely with them. If we're behaving reasonably, their feelings are not our concern and provided the level of care is what it should be, neither is whether they like us or not.


On the whole I have had excellent care at the hands of professionals well able to manage egos and personalities, including their own but law of averages says someone, somewhere didn't like me but apart from anyone involved in a complaint, I am oblivious as to who this would be, just as I should be. Whether seeking diagnosis or living it out, every now and then you're going to encounter someone who is either not on the ball, has a bad attitude or that you just disagree with and in this situation their feelings are not your priority, you are.


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