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A So Special Friendship



Oh, Y'know I love a chat, so much so that we had a mute budgie only because he couldn't get to practice. I do rabbit on, my hubby say's so.

I have a friend, Yes, I do actually have one, believe it or not! And she can talk under water without coming up for air, how about this? She rang me earlier to tell me about her weekend trip to a haunted mansion. It sounded great but all I could manage to comment was "Oh and Yeah!" She waffled on for an hour. At one point and in the same breath, she inquired about my health and then without waiting for a reply, carried on about cooking potatoes! Phew, I had a headache before she rang, I have a migrane now!

This same friend also likes the odd tipple, Y'know the fiery stuff! I've arrived home from some of her girlie get togethers very much worse for wear many times, unfortunately no more. I remember once visiting her on a very bad day. She was in such a state with her TV set. She'd changed the plug, fuse and was about to take it apart when I stopped her screwdriver in hand.

" Have you tried changing the batteries dear!" I asked politely with no sarcasm intended. " What" she scorned " Do you think I'm stupid?" Well she was a primary school teacher and she is sometimes a bit scatty. I took hold of the remote to find that the battery cover was off and on closer inspection -- no batteries! They'd somehow fallen on the floor with no explanation. I inserted the batteries without her knowledge, where apon the TV magicaly came to life just as she pushed the plug into the socket for the hundredth time. " See" she shouted triumphantly. " I'm not daft?" Mmmm, leave it at that shall we?

The same friend also managed to end up in the ER every Dec 26, why? you may ask. Well, she always threw a party in which the whole street was invited. The first year she ended up with a fractured foot after walking an elderly relative home. The second year she fell and broke her wrist and then the final straw was when she attempted to retrieve a ladle from a pot of boiling soup with her bare hand, yes you guessed it!........ ER. They fixed her up with a little yellow bag which was to keep the burn clean and dry by placing it over her hand like a glove puppet.

It wasn't long before the thing came off. She opened a tin of beer, it bursted the bag and she ended up with a bag full of Boddingtons Best Bitter until the New Year.

I could go on all day about my friend but I won't. She's the kindest, loving genuine person I have ever met and she's my best friend. She may waffle on and she may be scatty, she might even be the worst cook I ever come across, but she's my rock and my confidence and I wouldn't know what to do without her. Now that's friendship!


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