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Family Roll



I hate early mornings. I know I'm not alone, but it's not the getting out of bed bit, it's the daily routine of making sure the family unit gets to their given destination, namely school and work on time safely.

I feel like their personal chauffer-- give me a hat and uniform and I'll fit the bill perfectly. It doesn't matter how I feel, but I guess that's the beauty of being a wife and mum, soldiers to the cause.

My routine begins before 7am with the roll call. I can hear the geese making their presence known outside. It was so much easier with a cockerel but Mr Fox saw to that! The response I normally receive from their pits is generally unprintable especially on Mondays. Monday has to be the worst day of the week. It's the beginning and so far away from the weekend. My daughter does a great impression of the girl in the Exorcist movies and my hubby comes out the bedroom like a scene from The Shining, Y'know the one! "Johnnie's Here!" minus the axe of course --more like his hot water bottle under arm. I'm the big bad mum for waking the dead, even though I feel pretty much like a corpse myself.

7.30am sees me organising the lunches and recieving my chore list for the day ahead. My hubby has a list of things to do and people to call, my daughter has one too and I find myself nodding to each one of them like a donkey. I feel like a personal assistant to both, my list is endless.

I find myself asking the same questions, day in and day out. " What would you like for dinner?" The reply is usually a grunt or an answer of " We'll leave that up to you -- whatever!" Then the outcome is usually a meal of my choice but obviously not theirs and I get two sour looking faces at the table when I serve them something I thought they would like -- obviously not!

We leave for my hubby's place of work shortly after 7.30. Luckily it's only a short drive and I'm home just in time to take my daughter to the bus stop in the next village.

8.00am, my time, phew! Time for a coffee and a break from the morning madness. Both safely at their destination thank goodness! I'll be thinking about visiting my parents later but for now I'm just coming down!

My own routine will start shortly. I'm on an enteral feeding regime so I'll be packing my rucksack for the day. I used to go out to work, now I wouldn't have the time. My day goes so quickly, I don't know how I fit it all in and I amaze myself really! And whilst I'm praising my energy and willpower, I'll come crashing down to earth as soon as they arrive home, the question is nearly always " What have you done today, did you get, did you do, have you called?" I get out my memo pad and begin answering all the questions in robotic fashion. Give myself a star for each chore successfully completed and brownie points for extra work not on my list. I'll get "The Woman of Britain Award" if I manage to please their appetite with something I thought up and made with my very own brain and if they thank me afterwards I'll frame the expression.

I'm not alone am I? I'm not complaining either. Without them my life would have no point and I'm glad that for that all I've been through, I'm still a useful family member.


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