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Local Accent



Listening to the radio this morning made me smile, I even laughed. The subject was Lancastrian English. Okay, so what's that, you may ask. Well here in Britain we have local dialect for just about everything. It's said that in Lancashire you can pin point the exact street in which a person lives by the way in which he/she speaks.

My Uncle was unique in many ways. His accent so strong that he sounded foreign.

He'd start a conversation which had you wondering what the **** he'd said two hours later. My Grandparents were no exception. And if you weren't local forget it!

My Father in Law hails from Wigan, now that accent is far stronger than mine, but typical Lancastrian. His word for something he can't remember is "Doings", Wotsits" or "Thingy me bob". So if he's talking about someone who's name evades him its " Y'know -- Thingy" or something he needs or wants " pass me that Doings" Sometimes he says " Whatsi me call it" and the ironic thing is, you know what he means! Now that's worrying.

My Mum worked in the cotton mills from a very early age, my Uncles ran the farm.

The mills were so noisy they couldn't talk to each other, so they lip read. That was called Mee Mawing. So if someone was talking to another in the mills it was to Mee Maw.

Nowadays accents have changed with integration. My own daughter speaks with a different accent to mine as her school promotes elocution.

I've been told many times on answering the phone "That's a good Lancashire accent you have there". I can remember the days when it would not have been considered so. Fact is, our dialect is diminishing and soon everyone will sound the same and that's a shame because it's our identity. I love to hear a local accent no matter where I am in the country. It makes Britain unique.

I had a friend who unfortunately died aged just 36. I met her whilst in hospital. She was from Dudley. The Black Country. I just loved to hear her talk. Sometimes we laughed because we didn't understand each other and we had to talk slowly. But I still remember that accent and smile whenever I hear it as it reminds me so much of her.

I'm sure that most of you will have an accent of some sort. Love it, nurture it and keep it a part of you because it's what makes you special.


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