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House Is A Home



The countdown to you know what has begun. My carpet arrives on the 13th and, are we ready? Well, are you ever ready for the festive season?

My husband stands ceremoniously in front of me with a bucket of plaster in hand looking at a job begun last year and pondering if it's a go-er today. I'm talking about the ceiling. We can't put a carpet down on a floor that's about to be covered with plaster,--fact is, he gets more on the floor than the wall and short of me getting up there and doing it myself, I can't see it being completed today.

I managed to clean some bricks yesterday, then swept the floor, my contribution to the cause. The whole family is expecting a slap up feast on the 25th and I, for one, don't want to disappoint. I've waited four long years for the moment when I can sit around my large dining table, family present and a huge roaring log fire to boot.

Two years ago things were much different. The 24th had us running around like headless chickens when the water pipe burst inside my trailer. 4.30am and I had what looked like the Panama canal gushing through my abode and only armed with towels and a complete inability to find the stop tap, what was we to do? Anyhow, my hubby in his wisdom grabbed the pipe and bent it through the window till daylight saw us mopping out a sodden floor. What a start to the festivities and it never really got much better than that. I was ill, in fact I was home from hospital after spending much of the last 12 months in there. They'd very kindly allowed me home for the festive season and this was not quite the outcome I expected but one which I will remember if not for the forgettable events which followed.

The whole week was fraught with mishaps. The turkey wouldn't fit in the oven and had to be cooked without legs and in a very peculiar position. The tree was too large and had to be cropped down so we could watch TV. I'm talking cramped spaces here--after all, have you tried partying in a tin can? Then the finale. The New Year brought storms to the UK which played havoc with utility services. Carlisle was flooded and just about every town was effected, lack of power and raging wind storms saw us without power for 5 days in a field with only candles and games of charades for company. Thank goodness for gas or we'd have froze to death. To say I was glad to go back into hospital was an understatement. Yes! 2004/2005 was an era to forget or remember depending on how you judge life.


I hope 2007 will prosper for all and I hope this ###### house will finally be a home to some very weary dwellers.


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