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A Year To Er! --forget?



Just when you thought it safe to boast about life in general and how it's been treating you lately -- Whoosh! A bolt from the blue--you're hit with a problem.

Not only has my poor 'achin' jaw given me grief since the extraction of a fractured nasher two weeks ago, but I've also got a cricked neck and the telephone man cut through my phone cable. So not only do my geese run off with my phone cable, the engineer snips it whilst up a pole and ran off with it too! Here I am, toothache, stiff neck, no phone and feeling generally hard done by! That was weekend pretty much summed up. Today, life is hunky dory again. I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow morning, my neck moves enough to gesture No! and the nice telephone engineer fixed my line. So back to the beginning.

This weekend was supposed to be a crowning glory for the house. If you thought The Amytiville Horror was scary, you might like to sample a taste of living here with us. Okay, I'm not talking ghosties or things that go bump in the night, although I will confide to having doubts that we do in fact have something creeping around but it's just the horror of everything going wrong on a regular basis. Someone or something, doesn't want us in that house. I'm sure! It's become one long saga which is never ending. I'm tired of people asking "When will you be moving in?" My answer always begins with " Er, maybe next month". That's been the consensus since 2004 and now we're entering 2007. No wonder the ghosts are fidgety, it's a wonder they haven't got fed up and gone. We can shift folk! Pretty soon we'll have been here in a tin can for five years and I'm placing myself for an endurance award, quite rightly and justly deserved in my opinion. Oh! To wash, cook, and clean without checking the weather. Yes, the weather plays it's role too. In winter the pipes freeze, off goes my washing machine, shower and running water, then I'm running backwards and forwards to the house for supplies. The geese play their part too, running off with every wire that protrudes over the land, I'm just waiting for the big bang when all that is left are two webbed feet and a pile of feathers on account of the electricity cable being chewed. I guess it will be roast goose for dinner that evening!

Fact is, we've been here way too long living like hermits. The trailer is modern although you wouldn't think it from my description. But it's just not meant to be stuck in a field for four or more years with only the basic facilities and if we'd known what we know now, we'd have done things much different believe me.


2006 will be remembered as the year I stayed well, survived a tiresome year in a tin can and grew yet another year older. 2007 is yet to unfold and with bated breath and crossed fingers, if they will allow, should see us finally in a home built literally from blood sweat and tears, the latter being more fitting with memories of previous years best forgotten. Stand by your ghosts!


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