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Just A Moan



My outlook on life is simply this-- those who have and those who have not.

Those who have have everything, whilst the misfortunate one's are forgot

I consider myself fortunate for all I seem to suffer

Is just neither one thing or the other

Sure I have my bad days and sometimes more often than fair

But I have plenty to feel good about, these day's I'd love to share


I have a sense of humor, that one thing keeps me sane

And I'm sorry if I sound like I'm being a frightful pain

The laughter I have within me is bursting at the seams

To be a sickly person was never in my dreams

And because I'm never serious it's hard to tell the pain

I'm sure the ache I'm feeling will go away again


No use troubling the doctor, she hasn't got a clue

I'm the only patient in surgery whose hands are turning blue

And when she sees my fingers she sees me as a condition

And sends me to the chemist with a script for a prescription

There isn't any wonder pill, so is it any news

They can only treat the wrong type of blues

What use is paracetomol or anti depressive drugs

When all they do is try them out on us mugs


At the appointment with the rheumatologist it's always the ###### same

I'm standing up and sitting down playing a Simon Says game

Then I'm placed on a monitor to see if I am worse

Then it's off for a blood test with a trainee nurse

You'd think I was an alien the way she treats my veins

Then shouts for another nurse to come and take the reigns

My arm is sore with pin ******, my veins won't come out to play

And I think they'll have to leave me alone today

Have you been drinking coffee or had a cup of tea?

That stuff dilates the vessels, are they accusing me?

It wasn't long ago they were complaining I wasn't drinking enough

Now they're trying to stop me from drinking any of the stuff


I'm in between appointments and I'm just enjoying the rest

I'll have to wait till next year and then they'll repeat the test

My life is so entertaining when all I have to endure

A simple little blood test to help to find a cure


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