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Therapeutic Shopping



This week has got to be amongst my seven least favorite days of the year so far.

Apart from finding an appointment for an endoscopy, I've also suffered at the hands of the dentist.

I made my way, rather reluctantly, to see my dentist for the 3rd time this month. I had a tooth extracted that in truth was less painful than the hole it left behind and for some strange reason, my lower set began to ache as well. Now I'm not the suspicious type but it got me thinking whether my dentist had purposely done something to another tooth in order to sting me for more cash! Mmm. Anyway, I had my suspicions erased when he admitted that the temporary bridge he'd put in was grinding on one tooth in particular and it had moved. He ground my tooth down a little in the hope it would no longer give me a problem, well we'll see?

I thought my days of dental problems were over! I'm 46 for goodness sake! There's him trying to convince me to have cosmetic work done, after all I've been through in the last two years, I'm lucky to have any teeth at all! He certainly can't accuse me of eating the wrong stuff although he did mention that I should still brush regularly even if I don't eat orally. Huh, what a cheek! does he really think I'm that un-hygienic? Well I got news for you boy, I do brush regularly and it ain't my fault if my teeth are suffering. My money lies on poor nutrition and several bouts of surgery. Who knows what they do to you when you're out for the count?


I've ingested 4 packs of fizzy paracetomol to date with this ###### pain, caused by him, of course! I nearly swallowed the cat's worming tablets in mistake for the pack of pills I should have taken, but then it was 2.30 am. The cat would have been most pleased since he hates taking any pill of any sort, preferring to have worms instead, poor puss -- but then I know how he feels.

My week may improve with a visit to the town. Shopping always fills the drudgery gap, therapeutic I'd say! And with the unmentionable season just around the corner, I might just do some festive shopping. Same stuff every year, socks, scarves, gloves, chocolates and diaries. I have stuff to pack and send to Australia. My husband's side of the family emigrated there three years ago. They put in an order of things they liked when they lived here. If they miss these things so much, why stay out there, I mean they didn't just move locally, oh no! The other side of the world, are we really that obnoxious? Anyway, it's soccer stuff for my nephew and probably money for my niece!

There, I've cheered myself up no end by the mere mention of shopping. Small things amuse small minds. Yep! I think they got that one just right.


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