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December Diary



1st December.


We've got 24 days 5 hours and counting. The Turkey not ordered, the shopping not done, the family in high expectation, am I in trouble -- You Betcha! The house is standing still, work has stopped-- guess why? We began to put in the stairs then catastrophe struck! The ceilings are not high enough to take the rise as tested by myself with a very sore head afterwards. The events to follow are that we need to take out some of the floor upstairs to accommodate the steps. Now I'm not blessed with height, my hubby neither and luckily daughter too. In fact give us a fishing rod and we could stand in any garden as gnomes but although the stairs would be okay for us, it certainly wouldn't be okay for others.

I raise my arms to the sky, please not at this stage of the game. I have family coming over for the festive season and a multitude of friends all eager to see what we've been doing for the past four and a half years. What a nightmare scenario!

It doesn't end there! Last night the geese found a pipe! What they did next had us up for most of the night trying to cut off a water main in full flow. We had water squirting 50ft high, pitch dark outside and a river running through the yard. Thank goodness for unseasonal weather, it's far too warm for December -- who's complaining? Except my hubby who was knee deep to the shins in freezing cold wet. Who would have thought a goose could lift a water pipe from the ground and chew it till it burst? Well it did! And guess who's a favorite for the pot this year?

With most of last night spent impersonating scenes from 'Titanic', I'm in a pretty foul mood today.

At least the weather is okay. 56 degrees in December? Never heard of! I guess we'll pay for it somewhere along the line, but for now it's fine. I've even been outdoors today in just a woolly jumper but it's weird! I can see little birds twittering and flirting about the place with twigs and fluff in their beaks about to build a nest.

The trees are dropping leaves and producing buds at the same time. I have daffodils coming up in the garden and the geese, yeah them again! are getting quite nasty thinking it's spring. I guess it's global warming to blame. I feel kind of responsible but I have to give a sly grin at the same time, as I think the weather is just fine! Winter is at best the worst enemy as you know, and if I can get through the next few months without freezing my bottom off, I'll be a very happy lady.

My hubby came home for lunch and began to unwrap the festive lights. He's absolutely in awe with himself for having bought enough for the entire house. Tonight he will put them up. This kind of decoration has only just caught on in Britain. We never decorated the house outdoors. It's wonderful to see how many households have joined in the fun and it looks amazing. I'm sure there will be comments about our lights this year. I nearly bought a 12ft snowman, that would teach the geese to eat my water pipe! I'd stand him right over the ###### thing. We don't need reindeer -- we have the real thing and a one legged pheasant to boot. I don't know how he came to lose his leg but he hops around just fine. My garden is full of wonders and when the deer come to visit it's a sight worth witnessing.

I'll get back to my chores this afternoon, which happen to be making toffee. If nothing else I'm able to suck it and it keeps me warm too. I'll wait for the pantomime this evening.


December 2nd Bring it on!


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