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Dec 3rd/4th

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Gee! What a busy weekend and so blustery weather-wise. It felt as though a typhoon had hit the trailer -- we were certainly rocking and rolling!

It's not right though, the weather I mean. 8 degrees this morning-- that's about 44 degrees to you and me. I've never got the hang of metric somehow, I prefer the good old system, Fahrenheit, Pounds, inches, etc., instead of Celsius, Grams and Centimeters. Europe, in it's vision of a united state, huh, it will never happen. We're still an island and too set in our ways. Bicycles will never be a popular mode of transport here, it's just too hilly unlike Holland which is flat. I mean it's okay zooming down a hill, it's the peddling up the other side that does me and if you go down once on your way there, you have to come back up on your return, to **** with that!

I'm off on a tangent. It's the wind-it drives me mad, it drives everyone mad! And it's the silly season too! I had festive songs playing in my car this morning but it didn't seem quite right. I was thinking back to when I was a kid, not concentrating on my driving. The winters were bitter and dark. I remember muffling up in layers of clothing and still feeling cold -- perhaps that was the start of things to come and I'm not talking Dickens here! It's not right that some trees still have leaves, it's December for goodness sake! And the birds are still happily twittering, shouldn't they be in foreign climes by now? I guess we have to blame global warming and it's a bit scary. I'd like to think it was some greater being cutting me some loose. "Finish that house, Barbara. I'm holding the weather back". Whatever it is, it's certainly doing me a favor. My raynauds has never been so stunted and that's got to be good.

Well getting back to the weather. We did have some damage although for me it was a favor granted. I hated the old front door. It was never really a front door at all, just one we stuck on to keep animals out. It was half glass and made of a very cheap wood. I've been hounding my hubby to change it all year but he just kept on saying "We have other priorities". Yeah, well the door sure is a priority now since the wind took hold of it last night. It shattered the glass and twisted the door scattering everything inside. My hubby's face this morning deserved painting and the realization that I was right all along had me gloating. The next job will be the door -- tonight!

As far as Sunday went, it was average! We never went out. Steph stayed in the trailer all day watching TV and for once we didn't nag her. She came home from school on Friday with news that she'd passed her practice exam in English with an "A" when she expected to flunk. I guess all our previous encouragement paid off in the end, now she can give me some tips on correct punctuation, coz I sure need it at times.

Today is the 4th, tomorrow is my support group's annual dinner. They'll be having turkey, me and a friend in the group will be having soup! At least I'm not the only one who can't eat.

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