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Dec 7th



Y'know the saying, if it can go wrong it will! I'll have that inscription on my headstone for sure, or "I told you I was ill!" That was of course a famous quote from one of our finest comedians, Spike Milligan!

My phone line has been off yet again. The storms brought havoc and my poor line has so many joints in it now it looks like a broken licorice stick! Of course my internet service was disrupted too, so for the last couple of days I've been twiddling my thumbs.

It's only 6 more days before the carpet gets laid -- are we ready? What do you think? The answer is a resounding No! I'm doing my best and working within my capabilities but with this condition not at it's best, I'm finding the going tough. My hubby works well into the night and I can hear the sound of banging and the whirring of power tools from my trailer.

The wind has been dreadful and I'm talking weather here in case you got the wrong end of the tale. Any leaves which were clinging on to the trees have now been swept away and I learned last night that we're in for snow, Yippee! Just what we need right now.

It was my support group's annual dinner last night. Of course I had the usual -- soup, but it was too ###### peppery. I think the chef had dropped the entire pot into the soup by mistake. Anyway I couldn't eat it. I ended up with a full plate of turkey and trimmings so I ate half a sprout and a morsel of stuffing to rapturous applause-- small things eh! Anyway I attempted the pudding but by then the sprout was playing yoyo in my throat so I gave it a miss.

It was rather noisy by the end of the evening. The wine had flowed quite liberally for those who were not driving home and of course since I don't drink and was one of the unfortunate drivers, I noticed the volume rise quite rapidly the sillier we got. It's strange how a cracker with little paper hats transforms usually well controlled adults into party freaks and useless plastic penny toys so useful.

I think one of the ladies totally lost the plot at one point, anyway it all turned out too rude for some although I found it quite amusing!

I drove home through a storm of wind and rain with my friends a bit worse for wear and I think they were thankful when I dropped them off. All in all it was a very entertaining evening minus the drink and food for me but that's my way of life from now on and has been for the last two years so, what the ****!

My quest for today is to buy a kitchen blind for my window, post several cards and do all my family clerical duties. I've said it before that I wouldn't have time to go to work in a proper job and I still stand by my statement. I sometimes wonder how anything ever got done when I was working for a living and then realise that some things probably didn't. So to cap it all I have my uses at home even if I'm useless in the workplace.

Dec 8th tomorrow -- give me strength!


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